North Liberty is one of the states most popular cities in the state with a lot of history behind it. Before the city received its current name, it was known as Big Bottom or North Bend. In 1857 is when the name changed to 1857 and then to its current name in 1913. With such an eclectic history, it is no wonder that many natives and individuals decide to call North Liberty their home. 
There are a variety of fun daily activities to enjoy including taking a visit to the kid friendly Iowa Children's museum and the Curtis Hill Indian Museum. For the adults, there are a plethora of nightlife venues to visit for great food and drinks. 
The latter venues include J&A Tap (which is known for their happy hour/late night food and bar games), Bobbers Grill (close to the lakeside that includes a full bar, karaoke, and live music), and Divots! Bar & Grill (really fitting for individuals/couples that are looking for a quiet time to enjoy affordable beers and cocktails.
North Liberty real estate is surrounded by beautiful scenery, amazing walking trails, and neighbors that treat each other like friends and family. Please feel free to click here for the available homes ready for you to move into. 
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