Coralvile is a great city of Iowa that also resides in the Iowa City Metropolitan Statistical area. The city was founded in 1873 and the history behind its name stems from existing fossils from the Iowa River. It is a city that stays within the middle of the state (population wise) with a little over 20,000 residents (as reported in 2016).
Are you interested in enjoying local venues and events? Coralville has a variety of local attractions and venues for you. The Coral Ridge Mall is very popular and boasts a wide variety of stores for you to shop at. There is the Heritage Museum of Johnson County, which for the history loving residents is always an eye opening experience. 
Auburn Hills park is always a great choice to sit back and enjoy the scenery, or spend time with your loved ones (i.e. significant other, family, and pets) during a cool breeze day. There are also a variety of parks including North Ridge Park, and Central Park.  
Cost of living is set at reasonable prices and fitting for single-family/family households. Here are just a few of the homes that you can choose from. Once you choose a home from this list... welcome to the great neighborhood of Coralville.  
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