One thing the local residents do not worry about is enjoying themselves on a daily basis. There are a variety of arts and culture events to attend and experience. When you attend these events/venues, it will feel as if you are just hanging out with friends and family. If you are an avid lover of strong winter seasons with heavy snow, that is another reason as to why Ely is a perfect place to live. 
Ely is a small and close knit city in Iowa that boasts a population of 2,150 (reported in 2016). One of the amazing pros that citizens of Ely love is the cost of living.
 It is a beautiful life to live when you can enjoy everything that you need and want without feeling as if you are paying an extreme amount of money.
Are you an individual that enjoys small town living? Ely is the perfect city for you. Small town cities (like Ely) tend to have neighborhoods that are close and caring to each other. There are a variety of homes juts waiting for you and one specifically waiting for you to become its new owner. Please feel free to click here and view the current homes available. 
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